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6 Tips of Powtoon is an animation project, completed October 2023, assisted me in learning a new technology platform while implementing various design features and elements to create an engaging animated video featuring tips on the use of Powtoon in order to educate users. Objectives of the project included learning to create a Powtoon account, analyzing text content, design, animation, and transition creation software within
Powtoon, adding and editing animation, and creating and exporting a fun animation video. I was able to complete the goal of this project, to learn to effectively navigate Powtoon through a course, by completing a Coursera course entitled "Create Training Videos with Powtoon" while also utilizing Powtoon, the Coursera Course, Microsoft Word, and Canvas to complete this project. Click to watch the video or to view the media alternative transcription!

Click media alternative to view media alternative transcription for 6 Tips of Powtoon animation video.

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