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Adventures of the Salt Marsh

Adventures of the Salt Marsh is a design plan and course, completed in July 2023, created to teach people the importance of salt marshes. Adventures of the Salt Marsh enhances salt marsh knowledge and assists participants in gaining a better appreciation of salt marshes. I was able to both learn and showcase exemplary course design skills by utilizing Google Sites to build the course, Flipsnak to add an introduction platform to the course, Google forms to build worksheets, YouTube to convey information, various salt marsh articles and books, Canva to build the design plan, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for image editing , and FreePik to obtain OER images in order to create a design plan and course which enables participants to define salt marsh, identify the word estuary, identify the importance of salt marshes, and analyze ways they themselves can help salt marshes. Check out the ebook on the side to view the design plan! Click Adventures of the Salt Marsh to check out the google sites Adventures of the Salt Marsh Course!

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